October 23, 2021

Becoming an MBA Student

In July 2008, I graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a degree in Electrical Engineering, majoring in Electric Power Conversion. Since graduated, I always wanted to work in engineering-based company which I can implement my educational background. In September 2008, I began working in PT PLN (Persero), one of Indonesia’s State-owned Enterprises, and for the first job was as Electrical Engineer in Indonesia 10.000 MW program, Indramayu 3x330MW power plant project.

Manage such a big project, with total investment cost about 8 trillion rupiah, for the first job was really challenging for me. One positive aspect, I was working in national company (PLN) but with multi-national atmosphere, because the Contractor came from China, and the engineers, who working with me, was came from multiple countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and America. Those opportunities had led me to broaden my network and knowledge in terms of how to handle energy project. I always want to be better and give over expectation result for every step in my career. In my second year in PLN, my Boss entrust me to be Project Team Leader who responsible to manage completion of powerplant project in multi-disciplines and multi-national teams.

Then my career was increasing from engineering staff in 2008 to Project Team Leader in 2011, Senior Supervisor in 2013, Deputy Manager in 2015, until I was promoted to be Project Implementation Unit Manager in 2016, who responsible to run the multiple projects in PLN starting from project planning, land acquisition, construction, until project completion and give values to stakeholder. I was handling multiple electricity projects since 2016 covering from power plant, high-voltage substation, and high-voltage transmission line in Borneo Island until I moved to Greater Jakarta area in 2019.

When I think of what I will be in next 5-10 years, it is not only manager who run company policies and strategies, but it is the person who set and establish those policies and strategies. In order to achieve this goal, I must improve my knowledge in business managing and administration. Looking at SBM ITB Master of Business Administration curriculum and goals, I believe that I am choosing the right place to set in. An innovative leadership program that aims to assist me in managing various leadership challenges in multi stages in my career, starting from foundation of business until advance business management knowledges, which will I gain in Business Leadership Executive MBA Program (BLEMBA), I believe it is the right place to broaden my knowledge.

Registered as prospective of SBM ITB Student in October 2019, to join January 2020 intake. I chose Jakarta Campus to set in the BLEMBA class, which have weekend class so I can still have full time working in Jakarta. To pass the intake process, we have to pass required test including TOEFL / ELPT, GMAT / TPA Bappenas, and Interview test. I do not have much preparation for the test, but surprisingly I passed all tests and officially registered as post-graduate student of ITB in December 20, 2019.

So, welcome to MBA journey!

Rizki Aftarianto

A 33 years old engineer from Jakarta. Currently working for electricity State-owned Enterprises based in Jakarta.

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